Welcome 2019 & Sharing my yearly Colourpop Haul

Happy New Year Everyone! 

I can’t believe it’s 2019 already – last year has flown by and it was a relatively quiet one for us in terms of nothing dramatic happening – that’s not a bad thing is it?  

I am a resolutions fan, and this year they roughly go like this:

1. Spend time of self care, which in a physical sense, means going back to Yoga and starting Pilates classes for my painful back.  I am going to pay for a set of lessons so I have to go. The end of last year was hideous for diet, so I will be resuming a no dairy, low meat diet and cutting out fizzy drinks.  

As for mental wellbeing, I really do like quiet time so I want to spend 15 minutes practising piano each day, some time to practise my calligraphy and also crochet.  Even when I don’t have a project on, I will make caps for Preemies at my local maternity unit.  

2. Get motivated to write again – I was full of beans at the middle of 2018 then I got quite sick and everything went out the window, as it does when you can barely get through the day.  I will have found a set of workshops I want to attend, again you pay in advance so I will have to go even if I am tired. (I am Chinese – if I pay for it, I am showing up!). 

3. I also want to be much more minimalist in terms of buying less, and spending less in general. I want to move house and buy a new car at the start of the year which will cost some £££, so it’s time to take finances more seriously. I am also going to clear out the kids’ mountains of toys and donate any which are no longer played with or loved. Same goes for my clothing. Also – look out for a blog sale (well…I can try!). 

4. I spend a lot of time with the kids’ already, and I already invest most of my energies in to them – but I’d like to take a nice Staycation with the kids at some point this year, a Centre Parcs or that kind of thing. 

That’s just some of my resolutions – do you guys have any plans?

Anyway – you are seeing clearly, and this is a beauty post. I do a once yearly haul at Colourpop when the offer free International shipping. Here is the stuff! 

Colorpop Haul Brown Sugar NO filter concealer

As you can see, I like to order things in twos! Colourpop now add on taxes to orders to the UK so you pay for it at the time of checking out so you don’t have to worry about getting charged fees when it arrives. 

However – that’s no so great where you may be making a small order under the tax threshold, as it means you normally wouldn’t have to pay for charge, but now you do.  But never mind…

First up at their mini palettes. These are a great size as they are quite compact, and have 9 shades in each.  They are sturdy plastic compacts with a mirror which makes them good for travelling with.  ($12 each).

Colourpop Brown Sugar ooh lala Mar

The Brown Sugar is a collaboration collection with actress/model Karrueche Chan, and is full of lovely, wearable products.  There’s 6 matte and 3 metallic shades making it very useful for every day make up, and I like there’s more light to medium colours than darks. 

Colorpop Brown Sugar Kerruche CHan

The pigmentation is good. Not brilliant, but good and certainly enough for me to currently use this as my go to palette. The shades are more warm than cool, although Henna and Saute, are. 

 Colorpop Brown Sugar Palette 1

Next up, Mar. What genius didn’t focus before taking the picture? Me. Sorry, but you get the idea:

Mar Colorpop

I absolutely love the combination of electric blue and bronze.  My favourite eye look ever. 

I like that this palette has stuck to combining the blues with warm golds and bronzes which I think looks great. The bold blue is matte which I think would’ve worked better as a metallic.  Same applies to the light green, which I think should also be a shimmer at least. 


Colorpop Mar Palette

The blues are all pretty disappointing in this palette.  Even the pretty seafood green metallic shade is average at best and I wouldn’t buy it if it was a solo colour. The browns are nice, but I didn’t buy this palette for the browns, amirite?

Oh La La is an all pink palette which was a bit of an unusual choice, but I do love pink eyeshadows (and it’s hard to find a good one). At $12, it’s not too much to lose either. 

Colorpop ooh la la

I like that this palette is unashamedly pink and doesn’t try to throw in purples and things too (although to me they are part of the same family). The middle 4 shades are actually quite similar when swatched though – perhaps some variation in textures would’ve been nice. 

Oh la la Colourpop palette

Still, the colours that are there are pigmented and smooth, so no complaints.  

I then bought 4 of the Jelly Much eyeshadows because they had been highly recommended.  These are thick blamange like textured colours which are quite pigmented, layer able and set once applied. 

Colourpop Jelly much  1

Slight complaint – these are quite tricky things to open and they come with lids within the lid to stop them from drying out.  However the product tends to migrate to the edges of the inner lid, coming out of the sides. So yes it is a little messy to use. It applies well with a finger or brush and once set, lasts well with no creasing. 

Jelly Much Colorpop foxes short circut

These swatches are the colour applied thicker than you would on the eyelid – it’d probably take 3 layers or so to get it looking as opaque as this. However, just one layer leaves a pretty, sparkly colour and it’s enough for me. These are the favourite thing I ordered out of all the products. 

Lip stuff!

Colourpop Lipstick

I got two of the Disney Designer lipsticks – I actually wanted Belle or Ariel, which is a MLBB shade, but that was sold out as a single colour at the time. 

I got Cinderella which is a pink-mauve, and Tiana, which is a deep berry. 

Disney Colourpop lipstick

I love these – the packaging is adorable, the box and the tube which feels heavy and sturdy (considering they are only $7 each).  The lipstick themselves are a gorgeous creamy rich pigmented texture and just lovely.  

Colourpop Lipsticks Disney

Colourpop have an overwhelming amount of colours and textures available, so I chose things I don’t really have already. I went for two metallic shades and a lip gloss. 

Colourpop Ultra Metallic Lip Brown Sugar

Mic Check is a metallic reddish plush shade which is my favourite of the three products. It’s wearable and striking at the same time. Nimbus is deeper and more dramatic and reminds me another shade I have – I thought it would be more purple to be honest. 

Brown Sugar is a brown red with glitters which is actually really sheer when applied but still, you get a pretty shimmer. 

Colourpop Ultra metllic lips

I could’ve lived without any of these in hindsight but I do really like the first and last colours. 

My beloved Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer is at the end of it’s life so I decided to buy two of the Colourpop concealers to try at just $6 each. I got a face shade and under eye colour which is lighter and brighter. 

Judging on what I saw online I went for Medium 28 for the face and Medium 20 for the under eye. 

Colourpop Concealer

The packaging is very decent, and the texture is fine – you can see it looks quite opaque. 

However, whilst it is a decent concealer, it’s no match for my Nars. As I blended it under my eyes, it looked quite bitty and not…not dry…but it definitely sink in nicely. It sort of…sat there.  

I’ve used it against since and it’s really fine but lacks the way Nars feels and blends away. 

Colourpop concealer no filter medium 20 28

I generally like the Colourpop Super Shock eyeshadows although I have had some duds in the past. 

This time I couldn’t resist two new shades. 

Let me pass is a gorgeous bright orange bronze which I love love love. 

Honor Roll is a dark bitter brown with gold particles. 

Let me pass Honor Roll Colourpop

If you’ve never used Super Shock eyeshadow before, it is quite a squishy soft texture. Not quite cream, not quite powder, so don’t be shocked when you squish it with a mere swipe!

Swatches – these shades are awesome:

Colorpop Honor Roll Let me pass

Sorry my hand is red and blotchy – wiping the make up away seems to give me a rash. 

Finally- by far the most disappointing product I got was the Supernova Liquid eyeshadow. 

Colourpop Supernova shadow  1

I am all for one swipe, quick liquid colours but these weird shades arrived slightly separated which isn’t a problem, BUT, they LOOK pigmented but when you apply on the lid and blend, they essentially disappear. If you start to layer them, they get sticky and horrible. 

The brown shade blends in to a wash muddy brown and the gold is useless because it just disappears into a weird mush of gold and my tears. 

Colorpop Plain Jane

So that concludes my Colorpop Haul which I’ve decided I probably shouldn’t do next year because to be honest – I am a bit disappointed and meh overall. However my favourites are:

– All of the Jelly Much Shadows

– The SuperShock Shadows (but it is colour dependent on whether the product is good or not)

– Disney lipsticks are great

– Mic Check is a lovely metallic 

Oh! I also got this adorable metallic pouch, which was in the sale (My Little Pony) – it’s a bit big as a carry around make up bag for me, but would be a good weekender. At the moment I’ve put my crochet in there! Check out the cute lining!

Colorpop My little pony

That’s all for today folks, tell me if you like the look of anything or if you got anything during the Colorpop event! 

Have a great 2019 everyone! 

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