Quick Review; Beauty Pie Mini Haul – One Palette Wonder and Fragrance Sampler

Hey up ladies!

Well it’s been a crazy few months for me and this current month has been insane (moving house, having a BABY) and yet, I find myself snatching the odd 15 minutes here and there to feel normal, if that makes sense, to do things that are regular things I used to do all the time like…blogging?!

Although I have to say any reviews I write these days will be short and snappy, maybe my grammar won’t be perfect, maybe the photos won’t be the best but it’s the best I can do right now with 3 kids, life and work. I hope they are still useful to some of you. 

So…today I have more Beauty Pie for you!

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In my last post I discussed my feeling towards it, and I have made 2 orders since! Therefore…I do like it BUT after spending another £50 on skincare I think I am quite sure now, that I will take a break from membership until I actually use some products up.  The fact is – with the subscription fee and cost on top, you’ll inevitably spend £30-£100 or so on products a month and even if they are good value – did you NEED them? I don’t want to buy for the sake of it. Anyway…I digress. 

I did a mini haul!

First up is the One Palette Wonder. I did a top up spend because I have been waiting for this from the day I joined Beauty Pie. It’s a rip off of the Charlotte Tilbury one (which seems to also have lukewarm reviews in all honesty). I love having everything in one place. 

Beauty pie one palette wonder

All I can say is this is a massive disappointment. The concept is excellent – 3 new neutral shades, a bright pink and neutral rose blush, a bronzer with a slight sheen and highlighter. The palette itself is pretty with a nice size mirror. 

The formula is POOR. It’s so dry and powdery. It’s not unpigmented, but there’s nothing special about the pigmentation for the formula. If I swatched this in store I wouldn’t even consider buying it. The colours are very safe and I am sure if you don’t have a ton of make you you will find use in this but it’s just so so so….nothingy. I can’t compare to Charlotte Tilbury’s but I would hope her’s has a bit more va-va-voom.

Beauty pie one palette wonder 1

I have to conclude that the make up from Beauty Pie is average at best although I do like their luminizer again, I am not blown away. I think I’ll stick to skincare from now on which seems to be their strength. 

Ok Fragrances. Beauty Pie have 3 in their line up in beautiful trendy bottles, I might add. It’s impossible to buy a fragrance without trying the sampler so I paid £5.17 for this (tsk). I wish it was cheaper. 

Beauty pie parfum 1

I don’t have a trained nose but I can tell what you think about these scents. They are ALL nice. 

1. Red Apple, White Peony and Cashmere Wood

Fruity, I can really smell the apple in this which I love. Comforting, floral, romantic and warm.  This is my second favourite HOWEVER, it doesn’t last AT ALL. I sprayed this and basically didn’t move from the sofa and it still faded in no time.  It’s also not that distinctive either – I wish the apple was stronger so I could say THERE’S THE APPLE scent rather than, that’s a nice fuzzy scent. 

2. Petals, Heliotrope & Ambrette

This one was also nice but the least memorable for me and when it faded, the flowery freshness disappeared and it just smelt like vanilla. Very nice, rich, expensive vanilla, but just vanilla. So my least favourite. 

3. Brazillian Lime, Fig Leaves and Tea

This is by far my favourite. It has a freshness and actually it smells exactly like one of my favourite fragrances in the world – it is actually identical to me – Molton Brown’s Lijang perfume which also has a tea note in it.  They are SO similar that I actually don’t see the point of buying this one (although..if I find that I can’t buy the MB any more I will buy this instead).  

Because I like but don’t love any of the scents to the point where I need a full bottle, I decided not to buy any as I already have a ton of fragrances which will take a lifetime of go through (I don’t wear a lot of fragrance as I don’t want to overwhelm my kids with too much). 

If you have made any hauls recently from BP let me know!

On your first month you can get a bonus of £50 spending credit. If anyone would like to use my referral code, you will get the 1st month free (membership) and £50 bonus too (I get £50 credit too if you sign up and buy). 

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