I tried Beauty Pie! My honest thoughts, likes and dislikes and discount code!

Hello everyone! First beauty post in a while but I thought I’d share my thoughts on the beauty subscription (essentially) company, Beauty Pie, which I signed up to last year. 


I had heard of it but had largely ignored it until then.  I am not sure why I did sign up now I think of it – it’s not like I am lacking in cosmetics or skincare but I suppose it looked like something fun to try.  In three months, here is everything I have bought:


Beauty Pie

So to explain it in my own terms (since it is a bit confusing). 

Every month you pay a subscription fee in order to access the Beauty Pie range as a discounted rate.  The fee is anything from £5 – £20.  You can also pay £99 for a year upfront. 

When you subscribe you get a ‘buying allowance’ amount and this is what you can spend in the store based on retail price. 

So let’s say you sign up for £5 a month which gives you £50 allowance. You want a serum which has a RRP (they say) of £50 so that is within your allowance. The member price may be £6, so you would pay £6 plus shipping for it.  In total that month you have spent £5 + £6 + postage. Does that make sense?

The cosmetic products tend to be around the £20 or so RRP price point but the skincare is more, on par with high end beauty ranges, therefore £50 won’t get you too far. You can get a higher subscription rate OR buy a booster or add on for that month OR you can let your credit roll over and do a splurge another time.  

On your first month you can get a bonus of £50 spending credit. If anyone would like to use my referral code, you will get the 1st month free (membership) and £50 bonus too (I get £50 credit too if you sign up and buy). 

I wasn’t overly happy with my current skincare and I am also not on the market for spending £70 on a serum so that was partly my motivation for trying these products.  Also, I am quite nosy and like getting post. 


Two of my favourite products are the Plantastic Micropeeling Super Drops, which I use at night. I think it’s done a really great job of keeping my skin quite clear. I have noticed less blocked pores on my nose, more so than using my BHA products from Korea, so this is a win. Also – it’s a generous size product. 

I also love the Jeju Overnight Moistures Super Infusion. It’s supposed to be inspired by Korea but it isn’t like any other sleeping pack I have tried from an Asian brand (which is usually super light and jelly like). This is more like a firm mousse type texture which was weird at first, but it does a brilliant of job of keeping my skin hydrated and smells lovely. 

Beauty Pie Jeju Overnight Plantastic Micropeeling

Also good but not at the top of the list, is the super new Super Drops High Intensity Hydration which is a smaller bottle but still quite generous. I had a few drops of these before any cream or serum and it works a treat so far – it does have a slightly tacky feeling at first application though but so far, I do like it and it seems effective. 

The QI Energy Ginseng Root and Ginger Super Glow Serum is also new, and this is supposed to be brightening and makes your skin glow. Again I like this and it seems to brighten my complexion a little but I can’t say 100% that it’s the ultimate glow serum.  But I like it. 

I also like the Ultralight UVA/UVB sunscreen – I have used to many that does that annoying balling up thing on the face and this doesn’t – it sinks in nicely and doesn’t change my make up application. It’s only SPF 25 but I hardly live in a sunny country! 

Beauty Pie QI Energy Ultralight

Three products that I have been using which I am still using but can’t say have made much difference to my skin are the Lumiboost Spot Brightening Serum, which is supposed to brighten the complexion but hasn’t done so, the Re-Elastic Concentrate Serum – firming but I can say it hasn’t done anything of the sort to my skin although they both have a nice texture and feel.  

The QI Energy moisturising cream I have been using in the day time and it’s been fine but again, I am not really feeling it so much in that, there’s nothing above and beyond about it. 

Beauty Pie Lumibooks Elastic Serum

I’ve heard mixed things about the cosmetics and that it is weaker than the skincare range. A quick note on the look and packaging – I love it. The skincare that is. Heavyweight good quality containers, looks expensive and feels it too. 

So back to the make up. I am a sucker for make up but it’s a bad habit go mine to buy something then never use it again. At least the Beauty Pie range is affordable!

Beauty Pie Make Up Lip Oil

The cosmetics I have tried are indeed weaker than the skincare but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some good things in there. 

The Blusher Palette is kinda of uninspiring – cardboard packaging which I hate, with a setting powder, contour, cream luminizer which is a little glittery and a generic pink blush. Having said that – I have been using it daily because its easier than have 4 separate products.  The blusher in the palette (pink) is patchy and dry though. The setting powder is the best product in there. 

The Luminizer in the pot is a lovely – its a thick cream and I apply it with a brush, it gives a soft golden glow that looks dewy. I also like the Contour Gel which seems to be a copy of the Charlotte Tilbury contour gel.   You have to blend it quite fast mind, but its a great neutral colour and hard to over do. 

I am disappointed with both of the lip products. The Matte Lip Crayon is very drying and the shade I got, a brown – well that is my own fault as it looked nice on the model but it makes me look on the way to the morgue. The lip oil was a hyped product but again I am disappointed because it’s not that hydrating, it’s not pigmented, it could just be a £2 clear lip gloss.  


Beauty Pie Make Up

Any other snagging problems?

Yes! They are always out of stock of something.  Every single month I have clicked on at least 2 products I wanted to find it’s sold out and not back for months. Then a week after I’ve ordered – it’s come back in! It would be good to have a definitely date an item will be back in stock so that you can plan accordingly because I ain’t buying no booster packs. Once I’ve ordered for the month I am not spending more. 

How much have I spent so far?

Not including the subscription fees, in December I spent: £21.56, January I spent £33.96 and February I spent £45.16!

They’re not huge huge amounts for all the products I got but I do have to ask myself how badly I actually needed them.  I think a good way for me to manage this is to decide in advance if I need anything (atm I could do with a good eye cream) and stick to my buying lists, otherwise it’s not difference to buying blindly in a regular shop.  

Are these products worth the price they say it’s worth?

The products are apparently made in labs similar or same as the high end factories and therefore are comparable in quality. To be fair I have used plenty of expensive make up and skincare and I am not always blown away by them so I believe that they are made in the same factories. Value though, is in the eye of the buyer! You can tell me your posh serum is £200 and does X and X but if it doesn’t work for me, it might as well be a £1 cream.  In other words, I don’t pay much attention to the ‘you saved’ total they give you when you have shopped with them. 

Will I keep my subscription?

At the moment I am signed up for £15 a month for £150 credit and I am conscious of over buying skincare and make up as it is so….I think I will roll down to £5 a month and leave it for a few months to treat myself to a fragrance perhaps.  It’s not a life or death thing – I MUST HAVE BEAUTY PIE, but I am also intrigued enough to keep myself signed on. 

Let me know if you decide to try them out and if you like it. You have to keep your membership for a minimum of 3 months. 


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